MPIR: Multiple Precision Integers and Rationals

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Authors and credits


MPIR has been developed since 2008 by a large number of people.

The authors of MPIR to date (including code merged from the main GMP project since MPIR 1.0):

Citing MPIR

If your research depends on computations done with MPIR, please consider giving a formal citation.

    author = {B. Gladman, W. Hart and J. Moxham, et al.},
    title = {{MPIR}: {M}ultiple {P}recision {I}ntegers and {R}ationals},
    year = {2015},
    note = {Version 2.7.0, \url{}}

If you depend on a specific algorithm, please also consider citing the paper where that algorithm is described (if available), and consider also citing the official GNU MP project separately.

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