MPIR: Multiple Precision Integers and Rationals

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Authors and credits


MPIR has been developed since 2008 by a large number of people. It is currently maintained by William Hart. The main developers include William Hart, Brian Gladman and Jason Moxham (until 2012).

The authors of MPIR to date (including code merged from the main GMP project since MPIR 1.0):

Citing MPIR

If your research depends on computations done with MPIR, please consider giving a formal citation.

    author = {B. Gladman, W. Hart and J. Moxham, et al.},
    title = {{MPIR}: {M}ultiple {P}recision {I}ntegers and {R}ationals},
    year = {2015},
    note = {Version 2.7.0, \url{}}

If you depend on a specific algorithm, please also consider citing the paper where that algorithm is described (if available), and consider also citing the official GNU MP project separately.

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